The Momentum Model

Our core offering combines strategic thinking, with actionable outcomes at each stage, that provide business value and marketing improvement from day one.


An introduction to our strategic marketing consultancy model

As strategic marketing consultants, the Momentum Model is our primary method of engaging with clients. It is an agile, collaborative and results-focused approach to building and delivering innovative marketing programmes. The model is great for voicing consumer needs, envisioning the future and uncovering fresh insights which may have been overlooked as part of more traditional approaches. It is also useful for reframing business challenges and helping to manage change, especially cultural change. 

The Momentum Model has been based on over 20 years of practical marketing experience, and five years of experience working directly with a diverse range of direct-to-consumer organisations. Through our consultancy, we saw directly how companies struggle with scaling their marketing exponentially, whilst delivering creativity and remaining focused on serving their customers.

The Momentum Model creates the conditions where collaboration and creativity can flourish between multi-disciplinary teams, whilst incrementally improving strategy, outputs and tactical performance.

Benefits of this method

Validation beats guesswork

By collaborating across internal, external and extended teams, new perspectives and ideas can be rapidly generated and validated before deploying in the real world.

Structured approach

To successfully scale or launch a marketing programme, firstly, all stakeholders have to be confident in the insight, methodology and approach. We used ‘tested in the wild’ frameworks, methods, tools and playbooks to design an engagement specifically for your needs. Collaboration ensures that everyone in your team has been on the same journey.

Unexpected benefits

Giving your teams a common language to articulate your business, its issues, and solutions across product, marketing, sales and operations have unexpected upsides. We see time and again, that although this method is broadly a marketing process, teams will discover and solve business-critical issues across product, development, culture and training within your organisation. They will also find new opportunities in these areas too.

Training and iterative learning

Through the engagement, the team will learn a common language, ways of describing both business and consumer needs, as well as its problems and challenges. They will become well versed in a variety of strategic frameworks that can be used in the future and that will eventually become part of your company culture. When stakeholders continue to share their journey with their teams, the method will become ingrained in your business, realising benefits and new ideas for years to come.

Business agility

Marketing and business practice has moved on from traditional ‘waterfall’ planning and delivery cycles. This model gives your business the ability to refine strategy, innovate, and manage tactical delivery simultaneously. The framework will give you the ability to adapt to market changes, new consumer trends as well as wider macro forces.

A collaborative model for scaling marketing results

Inject your business with fresh perspectives, insight and new ideas on how to best serve your customers in the future. Elevated marketing results rarely occur in the context of the same stakeholders sitting in a meeting room day in and day out. Delivering and scaling award-winning marketing programmes now requires collaboration skills and the co-creation of a killer strategy that will resonate with consumers in an attention-deficit world.


While our approach, methods and tools work for any size of direct to consumer business, in any industry, we treat each engagement as unique.

Depending on the situation, we can bring in experts, influencers, consumers or users to the process to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your product or problem. Or, we can simply guide your team through a set of frameworks and give you the right tools to do the job at hand.

In each engagement, we prepare a bespoke programme based on our initial discovery session. We then facilitate a process to suit your exact needs. Each element will be designed to deliver actionable insight from day one, and a robust strategy at the end of the engagement. In addition, participants will enjoy a hands-on learning experience, and be able to use the outcomes of each session to incrementally improve products, marketing and business processes.

A collaborative approach to improving marketing

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Our Founder

Chris has over twenty years of experience in marketing across, media, startups and scale-up businesses. He has led multi-disciplinary teams in marketing, development and monetisation as well as bringing together teams across Europe to work effectively on consumer-based marketing strategy. 

He has also led brand marketing activations for clients such as Ford, Three, EE, Jeep, HTC, Casio, British Airways, Lastminute, Nintendo & BMW.

Giving back is a big priority for Chris; he mentors on the Digital Boost platform as well as the Help to Grow programme and is currently studying with the ILM for a Certificate and Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring.

He is also a Leadership qualified Trustee, a member of ILM, ABM, and an Advisor and strategist for UK Business Advisors.