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June 6, 2022 Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing tips for 2024


Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and useful content to attract and retain a target audience. By investing in a content marketing strategy it will help your business build trust and credibility with its customers. When businesses produce high-quality content, customers are more likely to return, do business with you, and recommend you to others.

In this article is not about how to create a content marketing strategy, but we will discuss some tips that will help you keep your content marketing strategy fresh in 2022.


  1. Really know your audience
  2. Be empathetic
  3. Focus on the content experience
  4. Make content with purpose
  5. Match intent with the right format, type, and angle
  6. Appropriate topic word count 
  7. Make content that can be repurposed
  8. Refresh and enrich your best-performing content
  9. Conclusion

Really know your audience

Content marketing strategy is all about really understanding your target market and creating content that appeals to them. This is becoming even more prescient as competition gets stronger. Before you outline a content calendar or even write an article, take the time to understand them, their wants and needs, the things that they are struggling with what topics they need help with. Ensure you have a documented content marketing strategy that is based on audience insights so everyone in your team knows your audience well.

Be empathetic

Given recent global events, and interest rates now reaching a 40-year high, it is important to understand how many people are struggling. We as marketers should be sensitive, and craft more empathetic content that genuinely connects with our audiences and serves them, rather than taking a business-centric approach. By being customer-centric focused you’ll make the most of your content and marketing budgets but also be authentic in your approach.

Focus on the content experience

For the rest of 2022, content marketers will need to focus more on the customer experience than ever before. With so much competition for customers’ attention, businesses can’t afford to produce content and not present it in an easily digestible way. Most of us cannot compete with the user experiences of social media apps but as an industry, we need to up our game and start crafting content experiences that start to engage users more deeply.

Make content with purpose

In an age where content is constantly being created and distributed everywhere, it’s more important than ever for content to have a purpose. By creating content with a specific goal in mind, you will have a better chance of being remembered, and of potential customers engaging with your brand.

Some of the most successful content marketers are those who understand the importance of creating content with a single purpose. When content is created with a clear goal in mind, it is more likely to be successful in achieving its business objectives as well as resonating with consumers.

Match intent with the right format, type, and angle

Recognising and matching search intent with the right content is becoming the key to having a high-performing website. Consider the following options about the intent of the keyword searches you want to rank for:

Format – Consider which format will be most useful for the user to consume this content in. For example, if someone has searched for ‘pancake recipes’ a short form how-to video may be a better format to deliver this content than a 1,000-word blog post about the history of pancake making. This is a very obvious example but quite often format choice can be much more nuanced.

Type – Next, think about the type of content which will be most appropriate, again taking the pancake analogy, it would make sense to match a ‘how to make pancakes’ search with a step by step ‘How to’ article, rather than expect to rank your pancake pan product page for the same term.

Angle – This is the final step of matching and is where empathy and editorial experience plays a part. In essence, it is looking at the search term and thinking about the motivations and desires behind the term. Then reframing this into the selling point of the piece of content.

Taking the same example again, someone searching for ‘how to make pancakes’, clearly doesn’t know how to make them, or needs a refresher on how to make them. in this instance, they probably are in a rush and don’t want to dig out that recipe book that’s in the back of the cupboard, instead they have decided to use a search engine to make it easier.

Therefore, the content that actually needs to be created is “How to make pancakes easily”. This is the selling point of the content and the promise that the content will need to deliver.

Appropriate topic word count

One of the most common content mistakes is writing too much or too little on a given topic. It’s important to find a balance between providing enough information to be helpful without overwhelming your reader.

Each topic will be different depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the intent of the search term that you intend to rank for. For many topics quite often schema markup will be appropriate to either summarise a complex topic or provide step-by-step directions on how to undertake a task.

By making sure your content is appropriate for the topic, not obsessing about the word count, and utilising schema markup, you will give your content the best chance of ranking and being surfaced in rich snippets.

Make content that can be repurposed

Content is expensive to create and market, but considering how content can and will be repurposed for different social networks and platforms is important to consider as part an effective content marketing strategy. Some content types and formats will naturally lend themselves to be repurposed, while others will be difficult if not impossible.

For the rest of 2022, by making more content that can be repurposed, you will make the most of your budget and make your content work harder for you.

Also, considering what needs to be undertaken to repurpose in advance of creating or commissioning, will lead to greater efficiencies in production and social media management saving you money.

Refresh and enrich your best performing content

Content marketing strategy is not a ‘set it and forget it’ exercise. To be successful you will need to continually review and update your content to ensure that it is fresh and relevant to your audience. This is especially true of your most popular content, as this is content that is likely to be linked to, shared repeatedly, and has your best ROI.

It makes both financial and business sense to consider refreshing and enriching your best-performing content, rather than only focusing on new markets and topics. How much could a change in ranking position mean in terms of traffic or conversion?

To achieve a top 3 position could mean adding new images or videos, updating statistics and case studies, or even adding new content blocks or sections. All of these will help to keep your content feeling fresh, and improve user engagement as well as rankings.


By following these 8 content marketing strategy tips, you can ensure that your content marketing strategy is in good shape for the year ahead. By taking a fresh approach to your content, you can reach new audiences, rank higher in search, and improve your bottom line.

What content marketing strategy tips would you add to this list? Drop us a line and let us know.

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