Digital marketing courses for free – 10 resources to learn digital marketing

June 20, 2022 Marketing Advice

best digital marketing courses for free

10 free digital marketing courses you can take online to improve your skills

There are plenty of digital marketing courses for free online, but choosing the right one can sometimes be hard. Does it provide certification? Is it recognised by the industry? It’s important to make the right choice for you. Whether you are a business owner, employee, or solopreneur, read on to see our pick of the best free digital marketing courses online in 2022.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a product or service online. It can be done through a variety of digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. And it covers a wide range of activities, from strategy to creating and managing digital campaigns through to measuring their success.

There are many reasons why digital marketing is important for businesses. For one, it’s a way to reach a wider audience more easily and cheaply than traditional marketing methods. It’s also an effective way to build brand awareness and increase sales. Also, digital marketing can be used to target specific audiences with laser precision, which is especially useful for small businesses. And finally, digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies to stay competitive.

Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities, but some of the most common include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): This is the process of optimizing a website for Google search to earn higher web traffic levels and improve the visibility of the site.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): This involves using Google AdWords or other paid advertising platforms to promote a website.
  • Social media marketing (SMM): This is the process of promoting a product or service on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing: This involves sending promotional or informative emails to a list of subscribers.
  • Content marketing: This is the process of creating and distributing valuable content (such as blog posts, ebooks, and infographics) to attract and retain an audience.

Learn online marketing with free courses

Free Online Courses

If you’re new to digital marketing, it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – there are plenty of free digital marketing courses to help you get started. If you’re looking to learn more, here’s our pick of 10 of the best:

1. Learn with Google

Google offers free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google through its Learn with Google platform. These include courses on; the fundamentals of digital marketing, promoting a business with content, understanding customer needs, and customer segmentation and prospecting.

The main course is the fundamentals of digital marketing and provides over 40 hours of lessons across 26 modules, and is probably the most complete course available for free.

It’s a great free digital marketing course for anyone starting on their digital marketing journey. You can take the courses at your own pace and either brush up on specific topics or take an entire course to get a digital certification which you can display on your CV.

2. HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Course: Get Certified in Digital Marketing

HubSpot’s academy offers a range of courses, but if you are looking to develop your digital marketing skills then Get Certified in Digital Marketing is a really good option, if you have less time available for learning.

This free digital marketing course gives you the fundamentals as well as modules on how to create content, SEO basics, website performance, video, social media, paid search, and email marketing.

It involves 14 lessons and should take around 4 hrs to complete. Again you can learn at your own pace and receive a certificate once completed.

3. Google Career Certificates

Another digital marketing course Google offers is a range of career certificates. These are designed to teach job-ready skills for high-demand roles in digital, including; IT, project management, analytics and UX. They also have a course for digital marketing called Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate.

In this free digital marketing course, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce, as well as understand how to use tools such as; Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter for marketing purposes.

It includes over 190 hours of instruction through real-world scenarios and assessments. This free digital marketing course is one for the committed learner, but it will boost your career prospects. The course is through Coursera and getting a certificate may cost some money depending on where you are in the world.

4. Linkedin – Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

Linkedin has also started to offer courses and now offers a digital marketing course online for those looking to grow and develop these skills in business. This course covers fundamentals, Google analytics, SEO basics, Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram, Social Media, and Design.

This course has 11 modules and around 20 hours of learning in total. Once completed you can download a certificate and add it to your Linkedin profile.

5. Reed Recruitment

It might seem surprising, but Reed recruitment also has a selection of free digital marketing courses, and often has courses from the likes of The IDM. Currently, they have two free courses available for digital marketing, Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security and Website Design and Marketing for Entrepreneurs.

It is worth checking back as they often change the free short courses that are available in each section.

6. Moz’s SEO Training Course

If you want to learn more about SEO specifically, Moz offers three SEO training courses.

SEO Essentials Certification which will teach the basics of SEO as well as give you the knowledge to work on SEO projects. This course will take around 5 hours and includes a variety of quizzes, content, and video. You will also be expected t take a final exam to receive a certificate of completion.

SEO Competitive Analysis Certification will teach you how to undertake competitor analysis and give you a roadmap to build an SEO strategy. It will take around 3 hours to complete and also includes a final exam to receive a Linkedin badge of completion.

Technical SEO Certification will teach you the essentials of technical SEO and will cover topics such as crawling, indexing, and site accessibility. It should also take around 3 hours, an exam, and Linkedin Badge.

7. Meta-Facebook Blueprint

Facebook has a business portal with a learning platform called Blueprint. Within Facebook Blueprint there are over 70 different courses covering social media and paid social. They cover a whole host of useful topics like A/B testing, analytics and creative testing, as well as how bidding systems work. Two of the most popular free digital marketing courses are Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional Exam and Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional Exam Courses

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate which is designed for entry-level marketers and covers the basics of social media and advertising fundamentals, how to create and manage ads, as well as reporting.

Meta Certified Media Planning Professional which covers everything the above course as well as media planning essentials. There is also a media buying version of this course which contains many of the same modules.

All these free digital marketing courses have a study guide that varies in length, but each includes a 90-minute exam at the end. You may need to be part of a Facebook Business account to be able to access these courses, if you do not have a business account or are unable to access them please drop us a line and we can create one for you.

8. Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner is a comprehensive report that covers everything you need to know about the social media marketing industry. The report includes data on topics like the size of the industry, major players, and trends.

8. Hootsuite’s Social Media Marketing Certification

Hootsuite offers a social media marketing certification that covers topics like creating and managing a social media strategy, using social media for brand building, and measuring the success of social media campaigns. The course is self-paced and includes video lessons, quizzes, and tests.

It is a free digital marketing course, but the certification costs $199, so if you don’t mind not receiving a certificate or taking a final exam this is a good option.

9. WordStream’s PPC University

WordStream’s PPC University is a comprehensive platform that covers everything you need to know about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Some courses cover PPC basics, advanced PPC courses, social ads, and Facebook ads. So if you are interested in learning more about performance marketing this is a good place to start.

10. Mailchimp – Marketing Library

Finally, Mailchimp has a really useful resource centre called the marketing library. They do not offer free digital marketing courses per se, but it is a great resource to learn about the basics of email marketing, read case studies and also check out information on a whole host of topics. These include automation, CRM, E-commerce, social media, and email as you would expect.

How to get started with digital marketing

The best place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the different aspects of digital marketing. Once you understand how each one works, you can begin to experiment with different digital marketing strategies. And don’t forget to measure the results of your campaigns so you can continually improve your performance.

Tips for mastering digital marketing

Here are a few tips to help you master digital marketing:

  • Always be learning: As mentioned above, digital marketing is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to continually learn new digital marketing techniques.
  • Always be testing: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different digital marketing strategies. The only way to know what works is to try it out for yourself.
  • Be patient: Digital marketing takes time to see results. So don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results – keep experimenting and tweaking your campaigns until you find what works.
  • Be consumer-driven: Always keep your target audience in mind when planning and executing your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Be data-driven: Make sure to measure the results of your digital marketing campaigns so you can continually improve your performance.

By familiarizing yourself with the different aspects of digital marketing and experimenting with different digital marketing strategies, you can find what works best for your business. And don’t forget to measure the results of your campaigns so you can continually improve your performance.


Choosing and studying a free digital marketing course will help you get started on the right foot. So what are you waiting for? Enrol in one (or all) of these courses today, and start learning digital marketing.

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