How do Facebook Ads work?

October 18, 2022 Marketing Advice

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook Ads Masterclass

Last week I was excited to be asked to present how Facebook Ads work as a Masterclass to a group of business owners on the Digital Boost platform. For those unfamiliar with Digital Boost, it is a platform which helps start-ups, small businesses and charities get the support they need to grow. They do this by matching organisations who need support with volunteer experts for free one-to-one advice, small group workshops and learning resources. It is a great resource, so if you need support and are based in the UK I would highly suggest you check it out.

I have been mentoring on the platform for a number of months now, and I was very honoured to be asked to host a Masterclass on their platform. The experience was great and the group was very engaged and asked lots of questions. My only issue was that maybe I could have helped more people as the group was limited to fifteen people. So Digital Boost agreed to give me a copy of the recording so that I could post it here. Don’t worry, I’ve done a bit of tidying up and what was an hour-long session has been cut down to half an hour. Sorry if I drone on a bit, but I promise you that there are some real nuggets in there! There is a download link below if you would like to get the step-by-step guide.

Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback:

Thanks for watching and I hope you got something out of this Facebook Ads Masterclass. If you would like to learn more about paid media, understanding customer journey mapping, or marketing in general feel free to drop us a line or book a free strategy call. As promised, below you will find links to a list of resources, including a fourteen-page handout with will walk you through the process of setting up your first campaign.

Many small businesses do not have the resources to undertake our Momentum Model or a bespoke consultancy project. So in an effort to help these businesses improve their strategy and turn this into profits and growth, we have started to offer a mentoring service. Unfortunately, we can only afford to service a small number of clients at the moment, but if you are interested please tick the box below to receive information on how it works.


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    Ellie GoodEllie Good
    14:01 28 Nov 22
    My SEO session with Chris was incredibly informative, with advice and suggestions tailored for my level of understanding. I now have a clear idea of what needs to be done to improve the areas in question. Thank you!
    Don MagraneDon Magrane
    14:57 03 Nov 22
    Spent some time with Chris discussing our PPC, audience targeting and content strategy. Incredibly useful. We have plenty of targeted action points to work on for the mid to long term which will be very helpful for our business.
    Thalia ShawThalia Shaw
    10:14 18 Oct 22
    Chris is a very experience marketing and digital marketing expert with so much knowledge. I had a very interesting and insightful 60 minute session with him with practical actions to put in place in my business.
    Gilly ThompsonGilly Thompson
    15:10 14 Oct 22
    Chris, is a font of all marketing and digital marketing knowlegde.I learnt more about digital marketing in 20 minutes with Chris than i did in 3 years!!I am now doing reels on insta with view of between £5k - £12kIncredible, he is supportive and has brilliant ideas for generate brand awareness, loyalty and sales
    Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson
    05:34 11 Oct 22
    During our 60-min problem-solving call Chris was able to provide a series of well-informed, practical and realistic suggestions on possible next steps for our business.