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Our coaching and mentoring service is the perfect solution for business owners and professionals who want to take their work life to the next level.

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An introduction

I get it: You’re tired and might feel lost or directionless in your business or career. You’re yearning for guidance and support to help you reach your professional and business goals. More satisfaction in your work. Perhaps the fun stuff, adventures, friends and home life need more attention too. Look no further.

To do that, something must change, and at the moment you are not sure what it is, or how to do it. You are in a position where the things you once did, that worked, no longer serve you.

A coaching or mentoring service is the perfect solution for business owners and professionals who want to make an impact and move their work forwards. 

You may be feeling restless, things are overwhelming or feeling a lack of control. You also have a feeling that something, somewhere is just not right. The good news is that this is common, and we all encounter these periods in our life. The important thing is to recognise this and to work out what needs to change.

Working with an experienced coach or mentor will provide you with valuable insights, support, and guidance to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve ‘the change’ that you are finding hard to articulate right now.

By tapping into your decision-making processes, together we can help you reframe issues and obstacles, leading to greater self-awareness, as well as success and fulfilment in your business life.

An Invitation

By tapping into your decision-making processes, we can help you reframe issues and obstacles, leading to greater self-awareness and success and fulfilment in your business life.

Perhaps you have already taken the first step on this journey. Well, you are here, aren’t you? Reading this. Your curiosity has led you this far. I may not be the right person to help, there may not be a fit with us. But I am sure to know many others, at least one of which you will form a connection with. So I invite you to let your curiosity take the next step, and express an interest in a free introductory session.

Don’t let fear, uncertainty, or doubt hold you back any longer. Take control and invest in your future with either my coaching or mentoring service. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Take the first step towards achieving your goals. Book a 15-minute chat to get started. Let’s go.

Reviews & Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say:

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“Fantastic advice – mentoring really helped me break down some issues and pinpoint the causes. Gave me lots of ideas to consider and a different perspective of the products we offer. This was my first time using a mentor and he made me feel welcome and was very friendly. I was able to ask many technical and generic questions and it was enlightening hearing about his experiences and solutions.”

Kristina MD at Out of the Ashes Ltd

Recent Mentee Reviews

Ellie GoodEllie Good
14:01 28 Nov 22
My SEO session with Chris was incredibly informative, with advice and suggestions tailored for my level of understanding. I now have a clear idea of what needs to be done to improve the areas in question. Thank you!
Don MagraneDon Magrane
14:57 03 Nov 22
Spent some time with Chris discussing our PPC, audience targeting and content strategy. Incredibly useful. We have plenty of targeted action points to work on for the mid to long term which will be very helpful for our business.
Thalia ShawThalia Shaw
10:14 18 Oct 22
Chris is a very experience marketing and digital marketing expert with so much knowledge. I had a very interesting and insightful 60 minute session with him with practical actions to put in place in my business.
Gilly ThompsonGilly Thompson
15:10 14 Oct 22
Chris, is a font of all marketing and digital marketing knowlegde.I learnt more about digital marketing in 20 minutes with Chris than i did in 3 years!!I am now doing reels on insta with view of between £5k - £12kIncredible, he is supportive and has brilliant ideas for generate brand awareness, loyalty and sales
Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson
05:34 11 Oct 22
During our 60-min problem-solving call Chris was able to provide a series of well-informed, practical and realistic suggestions on possible next steps for our business.

Hi. I am Chris.

I am the founder of Polything which specialises in helping companies grow their marketing function.

I mentor on the Digital Boost & Help to Grow programmes, and I’m also a member of the Association of British Mentors. I’m currently studying for my ILM Level 5 in Coaching & Mentoring. I used to coach my teams informally but got more involved when I mentored for 6 months on a programme for Talenthouse. I am keen to pay things forward as I hugely benefited from mentoring when I took the step up to the board. 

I’m also a Business Advisor and Strategy Consultant for UK Business Advisors, a UK-wide network of independent business advisors. UKBA has wide-ranging skills, knowledge and experience in working with owners and managing directors to build successful businesses. 

I really enjoy helping clients pick apart complex business problems and help them formulate relevant strategies to succeed. I am interested in the innovation space and use a lot of this theory within my mentoring practice. I also have 20 years of marketing knowledge which clients love to draw on.



Let’s connect and start your journey together. We’d love to hear from you and discuss how I can support your growth. 

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