WOLF (The World’s Online Festival) – Case Study

WOLF came to us wanting a strategy to scale their marketing in a core market which was overseas.


WOLF (The World’s Online Festival) is a social networking app focusing on live audio entertainment. The app is a 24/7 virtual world of social connection, communities and content creation where people can enjoy the same entertainment, fun and friendship they would experience, at a real-world festival.

The concept came from the founder, Martin Rosinski, and his own passion for real-life festivals. He loved the experience of discovering new talent, enjoying new entertainment, watching emerging artists perform while hanging out with friends and stepping away from normal life.

Based in the UK (London and Newcastle), WOLF’s primary market was Saudi Arabia.

Flipperrachi on WOLF App
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They had not actively marketed the app for years. The management team now saw an opportunity for growth. They did not have an in-house marketing team, as the previous team had left the business. However, they had a remote support team based in Jordan.

When we were first engaged, the company had just undergone a rebrand from Palringo to WOLF. Palringo had poor associations in-market because of issues with spam.

The brief was to create a strategy and scale marketing in an overseas market with a limited budget and insight into that market.

The Solution

We delivered strategy sessions with the Chief Growth Officer and the extended team. This included market sizing exercises, business modelling and customer journey mapping. The result was a fifty-point marketing programme delivered over the next 12-18 months to create a cut-through for the rebrand. After assessing resourcing, we formed a consensus that the in-house teams could not deliver the plan alone.

WOLF appointed Polything to deliver ongoing strategy, programme management on the project, campaign activation and creative production. We operated as an extension of the in-house team, managing other suppliers and projects, managing the programme and upskilling in-house teams. Also, part of the remit was also to develop the high-level rebrand pack and bring the brand alive across social, corporate site, websites and in-app.


The Scope

As part of the engagement, we provided training and coaching for WOLF’s in-house teams as well as developing SOPs and processes for them to deliver elements of the marketing programme.

Polything worked with the in-house team to develop clear segmentation, messaging and brand proposition based on user insights and delivered acquisition campaigns until the in-house team gained enough confidence to take over campaign management.

  • We developed an RFP for WOLF’s first corporate site, and selected appropriate vendors to work with. However, in the end, Polything designed and built their first site together with copy, visuals and video assets.
  • Polything was also responsible for campaign and cost management across the programme, as well as building LTV models and helping their data team create more robust reporting across the business.
  • We worked with various in-market consultants and agencies to get more market intelligence and develop strategies and tactics based on these insights.
  • Polything worked with in-house teams to create a plan to scale marketing beyond the KSA core market, initially to the GCC, then to the Lavant, and finally the rest of the Arabic Diaspora. This included a user forecasting model.
  • We delivered Brand development work across corporate, web, social and in-app channels.
  • Polything provided creative development services to assist WOLFs transition into a metaverse-focused application.
  • We worked with the Founder to translate the product roadmap into actionable creative production and marketing projects.
  • Polything also ran an RFP to appoint an in-market agency in Saudi Arabia, to double down on the progress that had been made and further develop messaging for the GCC.
  • We project-managed larger creative production jobs, including music videos and influencer marketing activity, as well as creating campaign lockups and supporting assets.
Dandana Campaign Lock Up

The Outcomes

WOLF acquired over 2 million new app users from its target market in the first two years since its brand relaunch.

This equated to a 65% increase in their daily active user number over the course of Polything’s engagement.

The first all-female talent competition delivered in the GCC, a watershed cultural moment for KSA.

Here’s the output of the engagement in numbers:

  • 1 marketing strategy and 50-point plan
  • 1 corporate website design and build
  • 1 marketing programme project managed
  • 1 user LTV model created
  • 2 RFP processes completed
  • 3 new regional markets activated
  • 4 quarterly activations planned and delivered
  • 94 creative and marketing projects delivered
  • 9.5GB of marketing assets created
  • 2,000,000 app downloads generated

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Client: WOLF
Editor: Heba
Producer: Sam