Fix your marketing programme and deliver innovative new strategies. Simpler and faster.


Fix your marketing programme and deliver innovative new strategies. Simpler and faster.

All the products below are live facilitated workshops and frameworks for ambitious companies and teams who want to elevate their marketing outputs and improve their strategic thinking. Each session has been designed to combine experimental learning and actionable outcomes with a practical yet strategic approach to marketing.

Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition by Design

1 Business Day Workshop

This a rare opportunity to have your key business issue articulated and answered by a team of category, creative and consumer experts. Tap into the power of value proposition design and solve your most important business challenges. Bring your team and gain new insights into the pains and potential gains customers are looking for from your product. Utilise the knowledge of experts in your vertical to help you align your product to the market, and articulate the unique value you bring to consumers’ lives. 

This fast-paced workshop will deliver you the best value proposition you can offer (based on your current business model), and a range of directions you may like to explore to communicate the value you could bring to consumers’ lives. An articulation of the value proposition will be peer-reviewed and be ready to be included in messaging, together with the messaging hierarchy to be used at each stage of the customer journey.

These are just a few examples of the stand-alone sessions we offer. For a bespoke solution tailored to your company’s particular needs please contact us.

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Marketing Playbook Creation

1 Business Day Workshop

Designed for growing companies where consistency of messaging and approach has been a challenge. In this workshop, the team will review your existing brand guidelines, recommend any updates and design a playbook that brings your brand to life across all channels and touchpoints. Instead of a prescriptive document of how to treat the brand, this playbook will be the point of inspiration, culture and innovation for working with both internal teams and external freelancers, partners and agencies moving forward.

The team will be guided through the process, and working with a designer will receive ready-to-use templates, tools and resources by the end of the session. The final playbook will be available in both printed and digital form within a week of completing the session

Marketing Playbook
Content Hack Day

Content Strategy Hack Day

1 Business Day Hack for teams

For companies that have started their journey into content marketing, but need to improve creativity and the volume of outputs. In this session, your team will come together to define a content strategy, based on your marketing or business goals.

The team will then work in smaller groups to deliver an outline tactical plan of how to originate, produce and distribute the plan across your channels. Finally, they will start to produce content that is on-brand and can be published the same day. Studio space to create the content will be provided.

Are you lost in the crowd or leading the pack Mockup

Is your brand truly distinctive? Or just another face in the crowd?

Many brands struggle to carve out a unique space in their market. Your brand’s unique value proposition should be a shining beacon, not a distant glimmer.

Our diagnostic tool measures how well your brand establishes a unique emotional connection maintains consistency across all touchpoints, and adapts to market changes—all the while staying true to its core identity.

Dare to find out the truth with our Distinctive Brand Index assessment. The results might surprise you!