A collaborative, agile approach to marketing strategy and innovation.

We’re Polything. A staunchly independent marketing consultancy. We partner with companies that want to use the power of storytelling to elevate their marketing and grow their business.

Our goal is to deliver clear direction and innovative strategy that has a positive impact on businesses in their marketing adventure.  

Our agile, collaborative and strategic approach to marketing can be applied to any direct-to-consumer business, for those looking to take their first steps into marketing, as well as high-growth organisations, and even to publicly listed entities looking to innovate.

Since 2017, we have helped businesses of all sizes solve business challenges, build more agile and robust processes, scale their marketing outputs, and increase return on marketing spend.

We are based in London, but we work remotely with companies across the UK and further afield. So whether you are still navigating the foothills, or in the midst of scaling a marketing mountain, please do drop us a line to see whether we can help.

The Momentum Model

The marketing environment today calls for non-stop creativity, storytelling, and faster speeds to market with new products. Consumer attention has become commoditised and is the one thing that all brands and businesses are competing for. After years of operating a traditional consultancy model, we concluded that there was a better and faster way to create marketing results, for the clients we serve.

It’s what we call The Momentum Model. It’s a nonlinear, agile, strategic methodology for solving business challenges,  creating a better product-market fit, and fixing broken marketing programmes. It is rooted in genuine collaboration, exploration and experimentation.

Think of it as a strategic space for generating new ideas, concepts, campaigns, and even products, then turn them into an actionable marketing programme. Not only that, it keeps multi-disciplinary teams focused on doubling down on successes, and dropping activity which negatively impacts the bottom line. 

The Momentum Model delivers you fast and incremental results, marketing knowledge and an experiential learning opportunity.


While our approach, methods and tools work for any size of direct-to-consumer business, in any industry, we treat each engagement as unique.

Depending on the situation, we can bring in specialists, influencers, consumers or users into the process to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your product or problem. Or, we can simply guide your team through a set of frameworks and give you the right tools to do the job at hand.

In each engagement, we prepare a bespoke programme based on our initial discovery session. We then facilitate a process to suit your exact needs. Each element will be designed to deliver actionable insight from day one, and a robust strategy at the end of the engagement. In addition, participants will enjoy a hands-on learning experience, and be able to use the outcomes of each session to independently improve products, marketing and business processes. Check out our strategic frameworks to learn more.

Clients and brands we have worked with:

Time Inc, VO5, NAFF, Lusso, Zinc Media, Time Out, AfterShokz, WOLF, Yodomo, Much Better Adventures, NME, Marie Claire, Trusted Reviews, Horse & Hound, Decanter, Factory Media, Ford, Three, SSS Learning, EE, Jeep, HTC, Nike, Casio G-SHOCK, Nintendo, BMW, Mini, Vans, Money Week, Future Plc, Development Hell, Accolade, The Tribune, SCOPE, Sundial.

About Us

Polything was founded in 2017 by Chris Talintyre. We are based in London, but we work remotely with companies across the UK and further afield. But, we can still be with you, in person, wherever you need us.

Over the last 20 years, Chris has held board roles, run multi-functional divisions, and managed many marketing teams. In that time he has facilitated hundreds of workshops, brainstorming sessions, strategy sessions, and innovation processes.

Within Polything, he has used his extensive marketing, strategy and management experience to improve the outcomes for a wide range of ambitious direct-to-consumer businesses. This has enabled us to create a core team that can service complex marketing needs and an extended network of specialists that can be brought in for a particular focus in one area. We have also built up a wider network of influencers, researchers and creatives that can be called upon to provide different perspectives on your business and brand.

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