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Boots Hearingcare
Unipart Group
Luton Bourough Council
South Gloucestershire Council
Devon County Council
Starlizard Hedge Fund
Chadwicks Wealth Management
Hamptons Mortgage Services
Bikmo Insurance
The Olive Oil Guy
Sparkle Lighting
Her Retrofit Space
Skin Rules
Kiss Agency
Lawnswood School
JMT Care Services
Songdrop logo
Skins Golf
Two Brooks Drinks
cbec eco engineering
Happy Smiles Training
Thompson Sales Training
Out of the Ashes Charity Consultancy
Treasure Map Trails

Empower your business with accredited business mentoring and coaching

Personalised support for both neurodiverse and neuro-typical founders and business owners to achieve their full potential.

Discover how Polything’s business mentoring and coaching services provide personalised support tailored to your unique challenges. Our engagements are designed to help neurodiverse founders and business owners overcome challenges and achieve success with confidence, but equally help neuro-typical people too.

Customer Reviews

Kristina Testimonial

Mentoring really helped me break down some issues and pinpoint the causes.

Gave me lots of ideas to consider and a different perspective of the products we offer. This was my first time using a mentor and he made me feel welcome and was very friendly.

– Kristina Stazaker, Managing Director at Out of the Ashes Ltd
Anurah FarrellAnurah Farrell
15:13 15 Apr 24
Chris was very helpful in helping me understand how I could re-target exiting potential prospects and diagnosing if my FB Ads Manager Account was set up correctly. Thank you!
Ben Cosbie RossBen Cosbie Ross
19:17 09 Apr 24
I was introduced to Chris via work. The coach coachee relationship is the key element to make the sessions work and from the start of the very first session Chris made it very easy. My reservations were around a formulaic lesson by lesson method but Chris worked with me to get the best outcomes. Chris was able to provide insight in multiple areas, often within a very short window, and with zero preparation. The sessions were conversational, which, was exactly what worked for me. Every session was beneficial and it was a shame when our sessions ended. I am very confident in recommending Chris to anyone who is thinking about engaging an ND coach. Chris is thoughtful, genuine and empathetic and is an outstanding coach.
Benoit CollinBenoit Collin
11:01 18 Mar 24
I had the pleasure of having multiple mentoring sessions with Chris, and his guidance was pivotal in refining my start-up idea, identifying our target persona, and establishing a clear customer value proposition. Anyone looking to grow their business would greatly benefit from his mentorship/expertise. Highly recommended!
Jay ManiarJay Maniar
15:35 27 Apr 23
I booked a mentoring session with Chris who was brilliant at walking me through the complex world of Facebook advertising. Really patient and generous with his knowledge.
Ellora CoupeEllora Coupe
09:17 21 Mar 23
The mentoring I have received as a small business entrepreneur has been invaluable. Chris has helped me to understand new opportunities, how to focus on bringing value to my customers and provided a huge amount of support in getting my business launched and off the ground. It has proven to me the huge value in mentoring that small businesses can benefit from.
jon draperjon draper
17:02 25 Jan 23
Spoke with Chris today. He is personable and clearly knows more about the subject than I could ever learn. Despite this he kept it simple and relevant. Really helping me get an understanding of what is necessary to start my SEO journey.
Ellie GoodEllie Good
14:01 28 Nov 22
My SEO session with Chris was incredibly informative, with advice and suggestions tailored for my level of understanding. I now have a clear idea of what needs to be done to improve the areas in question. Thank you!
Don MagraneDon Magrane
14:57 03 Nov 22
Spent some time with Chris discussing our PPC, audience targeting and content strategy. Incredibly useful. We have plenty of targeted action points to work on for the mid to long term which will be very helpful for our business.
Thalia ShawThalia Shaw
10:14 18 Oct 22
Chris is a very experience marketing and digital marketing expert with so much knowledge. I had a very interesting and insightful 60 minute session with him with practical actions to put in place in my business.
Gilly ThompsonGilly Thompson
15:10 14 Oct 22
Chris, is a font of all marketing and digital marketing knowlegde.I learnt more about digital marketing in 20 minutes with Chris than i did in 3 years!!I am now doing reels on insta with view of between £5k - £12kIncredible, he is supportive and has brilliant ideas for generate brand awareness, loyalty and sales
Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson
05:34 11 Oct 22
During our 60-min problem-solving call Chris was able to provide a series of well-informed, practical and realistic suggestions on possible next steps for our business.

Business Mentoring Benefits

Fast-track your business progress

Direct access to a qualified mentor with a track record of growing businesses.

Unique growth plans tailored to your specific business goals and challenges.

Business Mentoring - Fast track your progress
Business Mentoring - Soundboard your ideas

Soundboard your ideas with a trusted mentor

Hands-on support with regular check-ins and on-demand guidance.

Access to an extensive library of marketing resources, tools, and templates

Get clear on your path to success

Custom growth plans and strategies uniquely tailored to your business.

Hands-On Guidance – real-time support for immediate challenges.

Networking opportunities and shared learning experiences.

Business Mentoring - Get a clear path to success.
Our business mentoring packages
Business mentoring process

How it works

Step 1 – Contact Us

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. We will explain more about the process and start to tailor a plan just for you.

Choose Plan

Step 2 – Choose your preferred plan

Book your preferred plan around your commitments. Join a discovery call where we will discuss your goals and challenges in detail and start to plan.

Step 3 – Achieve Results

Join the sessions, undertake your actions and watch your business grow with our tailored support.

Achieve Results

What is included

  • Flexibility –  Sessions and support tailored to your schedule. We work around your business, not the other way around.
  • Customised Growth Plan – A strategy uniquely tailored to your business goals and challenges.
  • Resource Library Access –  An extensive collection of marketing resources, tools, and templates.
  • Personalised Mentoring Sessions – Direct access to an expert marketer and qualified mentor with a track record of scaling businesses.
  • Hands-On Support – Regular check-ins and on-demand support for real-time guidance.
  • Community Access – Membership in an exclusive community of entrepreneurs and startups.

Additional Benefits

  • Guaranteed Results – If you don’t see tangible progress and growth in your business during the sessions, we will offer additional support sessions at no extra cost.
  • Zero Risk – The first session is free with no obligation to continue. Experience the value firsthand before making a decision.
  • Flexibility –  Sessions and support tailored to your schedule. We work around your business, not the other way around.


Take control of your business

Association Memberships

Digital Boost Membership
Help to Grow Membership
ILM Membership
ABM Membership
UKBA Membership

Business Mentoring FAQs

What is business mentoring?

Business mentoring involves experienced professionals providing guidance and support to help business owners develop their skills, make informed decisions, and achieve their business goals. Find out more about what business mentoring is and more helpfully, it isn’t.

What skills should a good mentor have?

A good mentor should possess strong communication skills, active listening, empathy, patience, problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of the business landscape. Additionally, they should be able to provide constructive feedback, inspire and motivate, and maintain confidentiality.

How do I find a good business mentor?

Look for mentors with relevant experience, a strong track record, and a mentoring style that aligns with your needs. Networking events, professional associations (such as the ABM), and online platforms can help you connect with potential mentors. We have created this handy article to help you choose the right mentor for you.

How much do business mentors charge in the UK?

Business mentor rates in the UK can vary widely, typically ranging from £50 to £300+ per hour, depending on the mentor’s experience and expertise.

What is the difference between a business advisor and a business mentor?

A business advisor provides specific advice on business operations and strategy, while a business mentor offers broader guidance, support, and personal development.

Are business mentors worth it?

We are biased, but having experienced being a mentor and mentee, yes, business mentors can provide valuable insights, support, and connections that can significantly impact a business’s growth and success. Find out more about the benefits of business mentoring.

What is the difference between a business coach and a business mentor?

A business coach focuses on specific skills and performance, often with a structured approach, while a business mentor provides broader, more holistic guidance and support

What are the 3 types of mentoring?

Traditional Mentoring: One-on-one guidance from a mentor.
Group Mentoring: A mentor works with several mentees simultaneously.
Peer Mentoring: Colleagues or peers at similar levels mentor each other.

What can a business mentor do for you?

A business mentor can provide insights, feedback, connections, and support, helping you to make informed decisions and accelerate your business growth.

What are the 5 pillars of mentorship?

Trust: Building a reliable relationship.
Respect: Mutual regard for each other’s experience and insights.
Support: Providing emotional and professional support.
Guidance: Offering direction and advice.
Accountability: Ensuring goals are set and achieved

What should a mentor not do?

A mentor should not impose their solutions, breach confidentiality, or neglect the mentoring relationship.

What is a small business mentor?

A small business mentor provides personalised guidance, support, and advice to help small business owners overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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