Blackriver Ramps – Case Study

Blackriver Ramps faced a significant challenge with their annual Black Friday campaign.


Despite the day’s potential for high sales volume, past efforts had not achieved the desired impact in terms of return on ad spend (ROAS) and overall engagement. The campaigns lacked the strategic differentiation and innovation needed to stand out in the highly competitive Black Friday environment.

In response to these challenges, Blackriver Ramps engaged Polything with a specific goal: to reinvigorate their Black Friday strategy and improve performance metrics.

This case study outlines our approach to restructuring their campaign, focusing on targeted strategies, audience engagement, and dynamic advertising solutions. It highlights the process from initial analysis and strategy development through to implementation and results evaluation.

Our collaboration aimed to not only enhance Blackriver Ramps’ Black Friday campaign results but also to set a new standard for their future digital marketing efforts. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the steps taken and the outcomes achieved, reflecting Polything’s commitment to delivering measurable success through tailored marketing strategies.

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The Challenge

  • Past Performance: Previous Black Friday campaigns by Blackriver Ramps resulted in modest ROAS, failing to capitalize on the significant sales potential of the event.
  • Engagement Issues: The campaigns struggled to effectively engage their core demographic of 13-27-year-old skateboarding enthusiasts, leading to low conversion rates.
  • Market Differentiation: Amidst the saturated market of Black Friday deals, Blackriver Ramps’ offers were not sufficiently differentiated, blending into the vast array of promotions.

Strategic Solution

  • Prospecting – Identified and targeted potential new customers with interests aligned with skateboarding and fingerboarding culture.
  • Re-engagement – Reconnected with past visitors to reignite their interest using personalised messages.
  • Retargeting and Retention – Focused on individuals who had shown interest but did not purchase and rewarded loyal customers with exclusive deals.

Organic and Paid Synergies – Increased organic activity weeks before Black Friday to build anticipation. Utilised paid ads to amplify reach and engagement, ensuring a cohesive message across all platforms.

Dynamic Ad Utilisation – Implemented catalogue ads and dynamically generated ad formats, tailored based on the user’s past interactions, ensuring relevance and personalization.

Content Strategy – Diversified creative assets including videos, images, and time-specific messaging to keep the campaign fresh and engaging. Real-time Optimisation: Leveraged AI for on-the-fly adjustments based on live data to maximise campaign efficiency.

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  • Campaign Phases – Rolled out in defined stages, each phase targeted specific audience segments with tailored messaging and offers.
  • Content Deployment – Utilised a mix of media formats to maintain high engagement levels, ensuring content resonated with the target audience’s interests and needs.
  • Tech Integration – Applied the latest AI technology for campaign monitoring and adjustments, ensuring optimal performance throughout the campaign duration.
The Blackriver Team

The Outcomes

  • ROAS – Achieved a significant increase, with a 14.55 return for every Euro spent.
  • Engagement – Higher frequency of meaningful interactions, indicating more effective reach to the target audience.
  • Cost Efficiency – Reduced overall campaign costs by 23% while improving outcomes.
  • Revenue Growth – Marked a 22% increase in revenue compared to previous years.

Segmented and Targeted Approach

Insights and Learnings

  • Strategic Flexibility – The importance of agility in strategy and real-time optimization was key to maximising campaign performance.
  • Audience Understanding – Deep insights into the target demographic and personalized engagement strategies proved crucial for conversion rate improvements.
  • Innovative Solutions – Leveraging technology and dynamic content personalisation significantly enhanced campaign effectiveness.
  • Real-time Optimisation: Leveraged AI for on-the-fly adjustments based on live data to maximise campaign efficiency.
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Client Feedback

This is what BlackRiver had to say about the campaign:

Partnering with Polything transformed our Black Friday campaign from just another sale to a major win. Their insight and innovation didn’t just elevate our tactics; they revolutionised our results. The team is more than a consultancy, they’re the strategic ally every ambitious brand needs.

Denise Herman – CEO, Blackriver Ramps


This case study exemplifies Polything’s strategic acumen and execution excellence in digital marketing. The Blackriver Ramps Black Friday campaign showcases our ability to transform challenges into measurable success. For businesses looking to elevate their marketing outcomes, Polything offers bespoke strategies rooted in deep market insights and innovative practices.

Interested in elevating your marketing strategy? Visit our Services page to learn how we can drive your business towards its goals, or contact us directly for a tailored consultation. Let’s replicate this success story together.

Client: Blackriver Ramps
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